About Us

KidneyConnect links together the most prominent experimental and clinical research centres and laboratories in Europe. Notably, all the members of KidneyConnect network have a history of successful collaborations, targeted research topics and sharing resources, now organized under strong research streams.

The overall coordination and management of KidneyConnect is assumed by Prof Harry Holthofer of Dublin City University, Ireland, while the topics and stream leaders (and founding partners) include the following:

  1. Discovery and Future Technologies 

    To advance frontiers research to new areas of molecular, cellular, stem cell biology and other technologies for therapeutic targets and pathways relevant to the kidney. Led by Prof Paola Romagnani, University of Firenze, Italy (partners: Prof D Kerjaschki, Vienna, Austria; Prof T Huber, Freiburg, Germany; Dr A Miettinen, Helsinki, Finland; Prof K Endlich, Greifswald, Germany).

  1. Research Platforms 

    Existing European platforms applicable to podocyte -kidney research, including genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, exosome analysis, sample biobanks, animal models, systems biology. Expected to yield biomarkers and new therapeutic routes for disease management (clinical and personalised) and respective resource maps and portals. Led by Prof Marcus Moeller, Aachen, Germany (partners: Dr MP Rastaldi, Milan, Italy; Prof Aris Charonis, Athens, Greece; Prof J Egido, Madrid, Spain).

  2. Translational Research 

    Combined translational resources, from discovery via animal models to clinics. The resources include (1) human special repositories, murine models, (2) Zebrafish (Danio rerio) and rat models for cross-species validation, (3) histological libraries of kidney samples, (4) datasets and samples from European-funded programs for sustainable utilization of resources achieved. Led by Prof Moin Saleem, Bristol, UK (partners: Prof G Remuzzi, Bergamo, Italy; Prof J Floege, Aachen, Germany; Prof G Camussi, Turin, Italy).

  3. Clinical Research 

    To create the link from discovery to clinical research in Europe and to respond to the EU- expressed need to facilitate these activities in Europe and beyond: faster translation and clinical validation for the benefit of the kidney patient globally. Led by Prof Rosanna Coppo, Turin University Hospital, Italy (partners: Prof B Haraldsson, Gothenburg, Sweden; Prof P Ronco, Paris, France; Prof P Mathieson, Bristol, UK; Prof L Gnudi, London, UK).

Industry links

One key aim of KidneyConnect is to support links to relevant European SME and global bioindustry companies to foster active collaborations and expedite utilization of results for the benefit of the kidney patient. The growing list of companies aligned shows the importance of this aspect.

First full partner of KidneyConnect is AMGEN Inc.