Jesus Egido, Autonoma University Madrid

Additional PIs:  Alberto  Ortiz, Carmen Gomez-Guerrero , Ruiz-Ortega  Marta , Juan Antonio Moreno , Sebastian  Mas, Adrian  Ramos, Ana Belen Sanz , Coral Barbas .

Research Focus:

Regulation  of  apoptosis and inflammation  in  kidney injury.

Pathogenetic  mechanisms  of  renal fibrosis

Identification of  renal biomarkers of injury  by  refined  techniques

Molecular mechanisms of renal injury induced by hemoglobin and heme proteins.

Modulation of intracellular signaling pathways by  gene  therapy  , antisense oligonucleotides  and  kinases  inhibitors in experimental   renal  and  vascular diseases

Relevance of your Provisional grouping in KidneyConnect:

Our  group  include  a Clinical  Division  of  Nephrology and  a Research Lab  focused  on renal  and  vascular diseases . Therefore   we are  particularly   well  suited  to  contribute to  both  the  European Research and  Traslational  Research  platforms . Concerning  our  inclusion  in the Research Platform , the  group  has  a lot experience  in  cell cultures  and  experimental  models   of  renal  and vascular  diseases . In  connection  with  the   Scientific Park  of Madrid  we  have full access to the  most  fine edge cutting technology .

Resources Available relevant to your grouping

  • Special Techniques
  • Culture  of  glomerular and  tubular renal cells , including podocytes .
  • Biopsy laser capture microdisection.
  • In situ detection of transcription factors in renal samples
  • Plasma & Urinary high-throughput biomarker quantitation (SRM-MS & Multiplex ELISA). Discovery proteomics (DIGE & iTRAQ).
  • Whole-body fluorescent imaging; Lipidomics; MS Imaging (TOF-SIMS); Array Transcriptomics (mRNA & microRNA)
  • Metabolomics with LC-QTOF-MS
  • Quantitative image analysis methods.

  • Animal Models/Knock Outs
  • All  standard  animal  models  of  kidney  and  vascular   injury , with  particular  emphasis  on  type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  • Knock Outs : CXCL16 , Fn14 , TWEAK . Double  KO ApoE/Fn14; KO ApoE/TWEAK
  • Bone marrow transplantation in mice.

  • Datasets
  • Culture human podocyte transcriptomics: baseline vs GDP-stressed
  • Murine BSA overload model glomerular transcriptomics. WT vs KO mice
  • Diabetic rats  (GK) ,  renal cortex proteomics and transciptomics (microRNA);  urine proteomics


Clinical/Translational Resources

  • Biobanks.
  • Renal biopsy biobank+urine+plasma+serum. Within 2013 this will be expanded to the GLOSEN working group of the Spanish Society of nephrology, now part of the REDINREN research network chaired by Alberto Ortiz ( RedinRen biobank)
  • Locally Biobanked Diabetic kidney disease cohort
  • European  biobank of  plasma  and urine of prediabetic  and  early  diabetic subjects (ePREDICE). The  biobank  is  located  in our Institution
  • Blood and  urine  from patients  with  CKD treated  with  a VDR activator (PALIFE Trial)

  • Population/Patient Cohorts
  • Renal biopsy cohort
  • Diabetic kidney disease cohort

  • Special Techniques for Clinical Assessment
  • Pulse wave velocity
  • Pulmonary water
  • Endothelial dysfunction

  • Patient Groups for Clinical trials
  • Glomerular injury Renal biopsy cohort
  • Diabetic kidney disease cohort