Marcus J. Moeller, RWTH University of Aachen

Additional PIs: Jürgen Floege

Research Focus: transgenic mouse models, primary podocytes and parietal cells, glomerular permeability, glomerular biology, PDGF, IgA Nephropathy

Relevance of your Provisional grouping in KidneyConnect:

  1. Transgenic technologies to manipulate glomerular cells – target the glomerular endothelial cell
  2. Cultured primary podocytes / parietal cells with proven origin - can be provided to the consortium
  3. Lineage tracing in vivo
  4. Role of parietal cells in glomerular disease – cure FSGS and RPGN
  5. Glomerular permeability
  6. Pathophysiology and models of glomerulosclerosis and renal fibrosis
  7. Clinical studies in GN-patients

Resources Available relevant to your grouping

  • Special Techniques: Primary cells with proven origin
  • Animal Models/Knock Outs: transgenic technology to specifically manipulate podocytes or parietal cells in vivo
  • Datasets
  • Others

Clinical/Translational Resources

  • Biobanks: About 3500 samples (serum, urine) from >700 patients with glomerular diseases (including their consent)
  • Population/Patient Cohorts
  • Special Techniques for Clinical Assessment: Clinical Study Center>
  • Patient Groups for Clinical trials: Outpatients clinic for patients with glomerular diseases
  • Others