Maria Pia Rastaldi, Fondazione IRCCS Ca‘ Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico

Additional PIs: Piergiorgio Messa, Alberto Edefonti, Lorenza Lazzari

Research Focus: Podocyte biology, with focus on intercellular communication by neurotransmitters.

Relevance of your Provisional grouping in KidneyConnect:

Subgroup: New research platforms.

The new avenue of omics application is integration of data from multiple omics to obtain meaningful information about novel disease pathways. It is now clear that genomic and transcriptomic need to be integrated not only with high-throughput information about protein and metabolite information but also with epigenomics, lipidomics and glycomics data.

In this complex scenario, our group can offer a wide range of validation procedures aimed at assessing the relevance of novel biomarkers and disease pathways emerging from integrated data.

Resources Available relevant to your grouping

  • Special Techniques: primary podocyte cell cultures, 3D podocyte endothelial co-cultures, microscopy, transmission and scanning electron microscopy, immunogold electron microscopy, live imaging, atomic force microscopy, microelectrode arrays, laser capture microdissection, gas chromatography, advanced spectroscopy (with application for intracellular parameters)
  • Animal Models/Knock Outs: crv4 mice, pdss2 mice, rab3a-ko mice, zebrafish
  • Datasets: as many groups belonging to this consortium, we have access to the EU cDNA bank, created under previous FP5 program.
  • Others

Clinical/Translational Resources

  • Biobanks: cord blood mesenchymal stem cells (Cell Factory)
  • Population/Patient Cohorts: adult and pediatric patients with kidney diseases (as for type II diabetic subjects, mostly blood and urine, very few biopsies)
  • Special Techniques for Clinical Assessment: determination of free fatty acids in biological fluids
  • Patient Groups for Clinical trials: yes
  • Others