Pierre Ronco, INSERM

Additional PI: Christos Chatziantoniou

Research Focus: Renal immunopathology, basement membrane diseases and fibrosis/repair process

Relevance of your Provisional grouping in KidneyConnect:

Pierre Roncois involved in both clinical and translational research on rare diseases, with special focus on membranous nephropathy (MN) and genetic diseases of basement membranes. His group has made seminal contributions with the identification of 2 antigens (NEP and BSA) and 2 predisposing genes in MN. He also has first described the HANAC syndrome due to mutations in COL4A1 gene.

Christos Chatziantoniou’s group has a special interest in the identification of biomarkers associated with progression and repair of kidney diseases (7 patents and 2 more pending ones). His group has important connections with industry;

Resources Available relevant to your grouping

  • Special Techniques: organotypic culture, intravital microscopy, hemodynamic investigation of mice and rats, special expertise in morphology
  • Animal Models/Knock Outs: knock-in models of HANAC syndrome, NEP knock out mice
  • Datasets
  • Others

Clinical/Translational Resources

  • Biobanks: membranous nephropathy patients
  • Population/Patient Cohorts: with membranous nephropathy
  • Special Techniques for Clinical Assessment
  • Patient Groups for Clinical trials: membranous nephropathy
  • Others